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6 Things library staff can do with new free time

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” – Theophrastus If you could get several hours back per day, what would you do with the time you saved? With Unique Library, it’s not just a thought exercise. It is something to plan for. With staffing as tight as ever nowadays, it’s vital that … Continue reading “6 Things library staff can do with new free time”

Library Card Benefits Article

You’ll never guess what membership gets you at these libraries September is library card signup month, so to celebrate we asked a question: What is the least expected thing you get with a library card? Everybody would expect libraries to offer books, movies, and maybe some computers or other electronics available to borrow. We found … Continue reading “Library Card Benefits Article”

These Libraries are Changing the Library Card Game

With library card signup month, we took a look around the country at some of the most innovative and exciting things some library systems are doing with their library cards. As an extension and free piece of marketing for your library, the physical card is an often-overlooked piece of the library-patron relationship. Source: San Diego … Continue reading “These Libraries are Changing the Library Card Game”

Unique Kicks it up a Notch

When the phone notification system that a South Carolina regional library was using failed, Unique’s MessageBee implementation team was there to save the day. While Aiken-Bamberg-Barnwell-Edgefield (ABBE) Regional Library was due to start MessageBee email notifications service in September, Unique had to step up when their current phone system failed. Rushing in a month ahead of … Continue reading “Unique Kicks it up a Notch”

Save Staff Time With Unique

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Let Unique help your library with staff turnover. In an unpredictable employment environment, even libraries cannot escape the topsy-turvy swings that covid has brought. It is important to be flexible and have solutions that can bridge gaps in employee coverage. Unique offers several tools that can help your employees focus their efforts on their tasks … Continue reading “Save Staff Time With Unique”

Three problems Unique Chat can solve

Public libraries have seen the potential of live chat as a customer service tool for a long time. Until now, technical and logistical challenges have limited its usefulness and popularity with patrons.  Unique Chat enables the public library to provide immediate assistance to online patrons, saving them time and effort. Chat can also convert more … Continue reading “Three problems Unique Chat can solve”

7 Tips to send better newsletters with MessageBee

MessageBee is the ultimate library email tool. Using it for both transactional emails and for newsletters maximizes your investment in the software that can drive engagement for your library. Without the right know-how though, your library might not be sending the best possible newsletters to your patrons. Here are 7 tips that can take your … Continue reading “7 Tips to send better newsletters with MessageBee”

Send Messages in Preferred Languages with MessageBee

Is your library serving all of your patrons in the best possible way? If you aren’t using MessageBee, then the answer may be “no.” According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 1 in 5 households in the United States speaks a language other than English at home. For your ESL or non-English speaking patrons, sending … Continue reading “Send Messages in Preferred Languages with MessageBee”

Gentle Nudge Dispute Process and FAQs

What does the library see when notified of a dispute? Those designated to be Dispute Contacts at the library will receive the following email: Subject: File for you from UMS Hello! A document from Unique Management has been shared with you via our InfoLink website.  Please log into the InfoLink site to download or view … Continue reading “Gentle Nudge Dispute Process and FAQs”

“Is Material Recovery Mean?”

Common Library Staff Question: Is Material Recovery Mean? Continuing our series on questions we get from library staff, we tackle a common question about our material recovery service What is Gentle Nudge? Gentle Nudge was founded as a core service from Unique Library, and it has proven to be an invaluable addition to libraries across … Continue reading ““Is Material Recovery Mean?””